Hydrau Constructie started in 1985 as a one-man business. In the first years, the work mainly concerned repairs to agricultural machines and seasonal agricultural work. Thanks to the expertise that was built up with hydraulic systems, the customer base expanded further with companies from other branches.

Since then we’re active in almost every branch, in which offshore, fisheries, civil engineering and industry take the lead. We have been a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie for a number of years. For this reason we deliver in accordance to the Metaalunie terms and conditions..

Since 2017 we have been officially recognised as a training company by Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB). This means that we can give MBO students from both BBL and BOL courses the opportunity to have a fun and educational internship. Are you interested? Please contact: info@hydrau.nl.


As a medium-sized company, we find it important to contribute to limiting our carbon footprint.

In our work we try to reduce the energy consumption. Due to the energy efficient design of installations, a lot of profit can be achieved for our customers. Especially if an installation is continuously in operation. In addition, our service technicians will always pay attention to improperly adjusted pressure safety devices or brake valves, as this results in energy loss resulting in heat generation (which in the worst case also needs to be cooled down).

Our fleet is completely up-to-date with the majority meeting the Euro 6 standard.

In 2017 the decision was made to install a solar panel installation. With a generation of more than 34,000 kWh on a annual basis, we do not only cover our own consumption, but also supply +/- 8,000 kWh of green energy back to the grid. We've also changed all the light fixtures in our office and workshop for energy efficient LED lighting.